Nazreen Tajul Arif

Freelance Senior Writer

Seremban,NS, Malaysia

Nazreen Tajul Arif

'Writing is Pleasure. Writing is Business. Writing is Life'.
A pure-blood Saggitarian who craves on voyages around the world, and can`t sit still for too long. That's why she runs a lot. Wears many hats, but likes her hair runs wild. Seeking for more adventures in writing, editing, translating and the sort - and see where they take her.



Bunga Emas - Sole Malay Cuisine at MIGF 2010


Gunung Tahan - Great Barrier Mountain Expedition X.X.X Part 1/3


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Abadi Bahtera Samudera


Iklan raya Sunway Pyramid - Salam dari Hati


REALMS OF RAYA in Sunway Pyramid

Sunway Pyramid embarks on an exotic escapade of Turkish delights this Hari Raya, as the mall highlights the finest in shopping experience and most exquisite arts, crafts and colourful culture of the Ottoman Empire! From 19 July till 18 August around the LG1 Main Concourse, shoppers will be immersed with elements of both Eastern and Western influences that stem from Turkey’s multi-ethnic compromises and fusions.

Marine Parks: The Unique Legacy of Malaysia


Focused on fitness

SUNWAY Pyramid became Malaysia’s first Health Promoting Mall (HPM) as accredited by MySihat or the Malaysian Health Promoting Board. HPM is part of MySihat’s initiative to put shopping malls as a recreational setting that promotes the well-being for its shoppers, visitors, employees, tenants and local community towards healthier and active lifestyles.

Running on the road to happiness

Running is the only sport I do well. Which is rather ironic, as back in school, I would come up with so many lame excuses to avoid PE classes. I hated running so much that I once even faked a leg injury, telling the PE teacher that a car ran over my foot. After a while, he couldn’t be bothered with me anymore.


Legend has it, the higher you tie your heart’s wish onto the ‘Wishing Tree’, the higher the chances of them getting fulfilled. Or so I was told. Either that, or I’ve been duped into believing a certain newly-opened mall’s marketing ploy. But then again, I’ve always believed in magic. No, not that abracadabra, hocus-pocus, open sesame, mumbo-jumbo kind, or even those ‘performed’ by that Mindfreak guy, or that OMG-what-happened-to-your-face Mr DC.


Nazreen Tajul Arif

"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it" - The Alchemist

And I wish for as many as I can get. I've been an Educator, a Travel Writer, an Editor, a Marketing Communicator, a Translator, a Writer, a PR and Media Consultant - and now, a Freelancer.

Get in touch with me for my freelance services, and let's create plenty of beneficial adventures as we go along.



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